MEET THE MONARCH              Registration

Participants will enjoy a three day camp exploring the basic concepts in monarch biology, ecology and conservation.  Each day there will be hands-on crafts and activities designed to teach more about monarchs.  Come and see the new monarch habitat garden sponsored by the Wyoming Youth Initiative Fund, meet our resident instars and help us participate in the Monarch Monitoring Project. 

AGES:  7 & up                  FEE:  $5

DATES/TIME:  July 6,7 & 8 @ 10-11 am
LOCATION:  Asp Community Center

The fans will be blowing and air conditioners going while you enjoy some jumping fun on the bounce houses.  The obstacle course and slide, along with the bounce castle will be set up and ready for play! 
AGES: All (under 6 must be accompanied by an adult)
FEE: $2 person (concessions available for purchase)
DATE/TIME: Friday, July 9 @ 10 am– 12 pm

LOCATION:  Asp Community Center

Let’s get ready to rumble!!  Four days of dodgeball fun in the cool gym.  Come on down for some throwing, ducking, diving and dodging fun. 
AGES:  All (under 6 with an adult)    FEE:  $2 per person (concessions available for purchase)
DATES/TIME:  July 19-22 @ 10-11:30 am    
LOCATION: Asp Community Center

GYMNASTICS CAMP                Registration
Guest instructor Cathy Thompson will introduce participants to gymnastics during this four day camp.  This camp is a great time to either begin or “fine tune” gymnastics skills.  Participants will gain greater strength, flexibility and coordination while having fun learning tumbling basics, cartwheels, walk overs, round-offs and more. 

AGES: 4 & Up                  FEE: $25

PRE-REGISTER BY:  July 12 @ 5 pm    

DATES:  July 19, 20, 21 & 22
TIMES: Beginners @ 4-4:45 pm, Intermediate @ 4:50-5:35 pm, Advanced @ 5:40-6:25 pm
LOCATION: Asp Community Center

WIND SCIENCE TINKER LAB          Registration
Come explore the concept of wind with a story and experiment stations. Children will enjoy hands on activities sponsored by Leap into Science, a nationwide program from The Franklin Institute Science Museum that integrates open-ended science activities with children’s books, for children and families to learn together.

AGES:  3-6 (Parents are encouraged to stay and participate)     FEE:  $5
PRE-REGISTER BY:  July 15 @ 5 pm
DATE/TIME:  July 22 @ 10 am     

LOCATION:  Asp Community Center

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Thursday Nights!
No skating July 15th










ASTRONOMY CAMP                 Registration

This class is for any young scientist interested in learning what can be seen in our own backyards. Explore how galaxies are made, use tools just like astronomers, and get hands on with space! The three days of camp will fulfill a curious mind along with provide crafts for comprehension.
AGES:  9 & Up                FEE:  $5
DATES/TIME:  July 27-29 @ 10-11 am    

LOCATION:  Asp Community Center